We understand that your asset’s value
is linked to quality occupancy!
We leverage industry-leading technology to manage your properties in the most efficient and effective way possible.
Rental Services

Our landlords choose all or some from the following suite of services:

Effective advertising to ensure fast letting of property. We work to understand what drives tenant interest and satisfaction—and bring those best practices back to your properties to attract and retain the highest quality tenants. Rigorous Screening of Tenants, checking affordability and prior rental payment behaviour are important success factors for prompt rental payments during a new lease.
Rent Collection, Owner Reporting and Financial Management, Vartrust collects rent at the beginning of the month in advance together with utilities and services supplied during the month. Vartrust pays the landlord’s nominated and approved expenses and net rental income is electronically transferred to a landlord’s nominated bank account. Tenant rental statements are circulated (preferably by email, otherwise delivered) a week in advance of the 1st of each month to prompt time efficient rental payments.
Signing a Lease, a written legally binding lease agreement is signed together with an acceptance of rules applicable to Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations. Vartrust lease agreements for consumers are aligned to the Consumer Protection Act.
Financial Reporting, Vartrust provides email distribution of tenant rental statements, and owner rent rolls.
Deposits, Vartrust offers a deposit guarantee insurance in addition to taking deposits both of which protect a landlord’s investment and provide security against any default. Deposits are invested in a trust account in line with the Rental Housing Act and accrue interest for the benefit of the tenant. Vartrust’ s deposit trust account is audited by an independent auditor on an annual basis.
Inspections, properties are inspected with tenants prior to occupation and post occupation. The tenant is held liable for any damage, allowing for standard wear and tear. This is offset against the deposit balance before being refunded. Landlords can request additional inspections as required.
Repairs and Maintenance, we will arrange general maintenance on behalf of owners and owners are consulted throughout the maintenance process for instructions and to provide feedback.